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Hangzhou reliable nursing products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "reliable") was established in 2001. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the design, research, development, production and sales of disposable sanitary products. Its products include baby care products Adult incontinence products and pet hygiene products have many well-known brands, such as reliable and absorption treasure. According to the annual report of the household paper and sanitary products industry issued by the household paper Committee, from 2017 to 2020, the company and the "reliable" brand ranked first among the domestic manufacturers and brands of adult incontinence products (mainly according to the comprehensive ranking of sales indicators). At the same time, the "reliable" brand has been the champion of the whole network sales of single category of e-commerce platform for many consecutive years, It has won the first world record certification of global e-commerce diaper category sales for 7 consecutive years ( 2013 - 2019 )

the development of reliable shares has been highly praised by all sectors of society and rated as the second batch of specialized, special and new small giant enterprises by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, It has won many honors, such as national intellectual property advantage enterprise, national top 100 quality and integrity benchmark demonstration enterprise, advanced papermaking standardization enterprise, Zhejiang "invisible champion" cultivation enterprise and so on

reliable shares has a highly efficient and professional R & D team, provincial enterprise research institutes and China textile industry adult incontinence care product technology innovation center and provincial enterprise technology center, with more than 240 patents, ranking first in the industry. It is the drafting unit of national standards for diapers and medical grade sanitary products standards, and undertakes more than 10 national torch plan, Zhejiang provincial and municipal key research and development projects. Among them, scientific and technological achievements such as "adult diapers" won the second prize of science and technology award of China Textile Industry Federation and the excellent award of patent award of China Textile Industry Federation

since its establishment, reliable shares have taken social responsibility as an important part of enterprise development, focused the public welfare perspective on the elderly, and launched "Reliable public welfare for love" The novel coronavirus pneumonia production line is regularly reorganized and the volunteers are put into the community, nursing homes and welfare homes to volunteer. After the new crown pneumonia outbreak in 2020, reliable stocks are also being reissued for emergency work. The new mask production line has been in great difficulty. The urgent need for front-line medical staff, such as masks and adult diapers, will be served quickly. Fight novel coronavirus pneumonia to contribute one's own strength!

2001 Year
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240 +
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10 +
Undertake national project R & D
20 Year
Focus on sanitary products
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