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China's first R & D base for diapers and elderly care welfare industry
Reliable shares has an efficient and professional R & D team, a provincial enterprise research institute in the industry, a technical innovation center for adult incontinence care products in China's textile industry and a provincial enterprise technology center. It is the R & D base of diapers and elderly care and welfare industry. The company has more than 240 patents, ranking first in the industry. It is the drafting unit of national standards for diapers and medical hygiene products, and und
Adult diapers are reliable
The number of patents exceeds 240. The drafting unit of national standards for diapers and medical grade sanitary products has undertaken more than 10 national torch plan, Zhejiang provincial and municipal key R & D projects
High tech enterprise
Specialized in Texin small giant enterprise
National Torch Program industrialization demonstration project
National quality integrity excellent typical enterprise
National intellectual property advantage enterprise
The quality inspection is stable and qualified
Reliable enterprise research institute
Reliable enterprise research institute introduces high-end scientific research talents such as masters and doctors, and has intelligent laboratory and constant temperature and humidity laboratory; Six research institutes for adults, infants, welfare, raw materials, process equipment and consumers have been established.
Reliable strategic partners
Together with global strategic partners such as Leica, 3M, GP fiber and Sumitomo, we develop personalized, integrated and intelligent new products, solve industrial scientific research problems, and lead the innovative development of China's diaper industry. It took the lead in signing a strategic cooperation agreement with China pulp and paper research institute, and formed a continuous and multi-level cooperative relationship with various scientific research institutions and universities.
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